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Pearson & Co. Hidden Bead Course


** ONLY Licensed Hairdressers & Cosmo students ** Our Education course is driven by the love to help others become the stylists they want to be, and helping transform businesses! With the purchase of this Online course, you will receive a complete class kit including the following: - Pearson & Co. Luxe Tool Kit - Class brochure - Comb - Beads - Practice thread - Practice hair - Hair grips - Travel hairspray From in person, hands on classes, to our in depth multi level, online program, we are here to support you every step of the way! Once you've finished the level one course featuring our signature sectioning, bead work & sewing for ONE row for volume, you will practice on a mannequin to send in photos of each section, starting with sectioning for critic. After perfecting and feeling confident in one row, you will receive certification and unlock our level TWO (included in course price) which will go over all our advanced sectioning for multiple rows, different weft types, custom coloring. This course is designed for you to succeed, we believe we have to master the basics before we can move on to advanced placements. ​If you are looking for a effective and safe method for your clients, and also ready to level up your business, invest in yourself and sign up now and join us in creating an amazing community!

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